Happy Valentines Day from Santa Barbara Dental Spa!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Santa Barbara Dental Spa!

By BK Rai in Santa Barbara Dental News

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’ll want to look your best for the love of your life. One way to help you accomplish this goal is by having a better smile. What says love more than smiling at your loved one? The key to getting the smile you want may involve having a professional teeth whitening at Santa Barbara Dental Spa today!

    Instead of roses and chocolates this year, what about giving the gift of whiter teeth to your partner? You can both enjoy Valentine’s Day with a smile that you’re proud to call yours, and this is sure to increase your self-confidence. 

    Caring for your teeth is what we do well. We have years of expertise and the necessary training to do all types of dental work. We know you want to look your absolute best on Valentine’s Day to keep that spark alive and we’re here for you!

    Reasons for a Whiter Smile on Valentine’s Day

    Impressing the love of your life is just part of the benefits of having a smile that sparkles. Listed below are additional reasons for whitening your teeth:

    1. Improved confidence – When you feel good about yourself, you make others feel good. By having an improved level of confidence, you will be in a better mood. What better time to be in a good mood than Valentine’s Day? At Santa Barbara Dental Spa, we’re here to get the whitening done for you.
    2. Increased energy – When you look good, this may increase your energy. What better time to be full of energy and ready to do what your loved one wants to do on Valentine’s Day? There are dinners to attend, parties to go to, roses and chocolates to buy and a whole lot more.  We’re ready to whiten your teeth to help give that extra boost.
    3. Look younger – Your Valentine will love you showing up at the door looking like a younger person. Studies indicate the getting a simple professional teeth whitening can take a few years off your appearance. Wow, what a great way to start Valentine’s Day with a more youthful look! We guarantee you’ll love you smile when you drive away from our Santa Barbara dental office!
    4. Better oral hygiene – When you make an investment in your teeth, you will want to take care of your teeth. The chances are significant that you will want to keep your teeth in the best possible shape by getting this whitening treat. At Santa Barbara Dental Spa, we will get you teeth whiter and even provide you with the tools to continue routine maintenance at home. Better care for your teeth may equate to a lifetime of service, and your Valentine will love that!

    Take full advantage of the benefits of getting your teeth whitened on Valentine’s Day at Santa Barbara Dental Spa.


    Valentine’s Day Q & A from your dental professionals in Santa Barbara

    Q: I’m thinking of giving my girlfriend a certificate for a professional teeth whitening for Valentine’s Day. Do you offer a gift certificate that I could purchase?

    A: Yes, we can make a certificate for you to give to your loved one for this, and you may want to consider sticking it inside your Valentine’s card to her.

    Q: What is your Referral Rewards Program?

    A: Our Referral Rewards Program is our way of showing you our appreciation for recommending us to your friends, family and co-workers.  Once they have completed their initial visit, you both get a big thank you from Santa Barbara Dental Spa!

    Q: Do you offer alternatives to patients without insurance?

    A: Our Dental Spa Membership is the perfect alternative for those patients that do not have dental coverage. The annual membership fee provides you with affordable, reduced fee dental services.

    Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas in Santa Barbara, CA

    1. Fun Run 10k, 5k,1k – If you and your partner enjoy running, you may want to attend the fun run on Feb. 14th.  The times are from 7:30 am – 10:30 pm in Coronado, CA.
    2. The 7th Annual LA BACHATA FESTIVAL Valentines Weekend – If being active is your thing, you’ll love this Valentine’s Day event. This festival will include workshops, salsa dancing, performances and concert by others. This is a three-day event that runs from Feb. 11 – Feb. 15, four nights and three days.
    3. Wine Tasting – What’s more romantic than sharing a glass of wine with your love? Book a wine tour with Sammy’s Limos on Valentine’s Day! There will be a couple’s wine tasting event at the Malibu Estate that is sure to be worth attending. On Feb. 14th from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm, you can enjoy wine, cheese, chocolates and the beautiful scenery for the small price of $120 per ticket.
    4. QuiSiBella.com – Pamper your sweetheart with a massage in Santa Barbara over at Qui Si Bella!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Dr. B.K. Rai DDS  + Everyone at Santa Barbara Dental Spa

    About Santa Barbara Dental Spa: Located at 2017 Chapala Street A, Dr. B.K. Rai and the entire staff at the Santa Barbara Dental Spa are committed to providing patients with the best oral health care and beautiful smiles. Dr. Rai routinely utilizes the latest high-tech dental technology in a soothing, spa atmosphere to treat patients with bite problems and provide mouth reconstruction including dental crowns, bridge work and cosmetic implants. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-560-9999 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

    This is the best dentist in Santa Barbara!! I am genetically prone to cavities, so I've had my fair share of dentists. In fact, I used to be terrified of them, but Dr. Rai is so pleasant I actually don't mind going to the dentist anymore. He is always asking how I'm doing (like every 5 minutes), and he never makes me feel like a horrible person if I forgot to floss. They have a massage chair, and a TV that you control that sits right in front of your face to keep you distracted. I've also had my wisdom teeth removed by him, and I had NO swelling. I also never feel like he's trying to make extra money off me and pressure me into something I don't need. Seriously, this guy is the best. If he takes your insurance, then I wouldn't go anywhere else.
    Lillie S. - Santa Barbara, CA