Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

  • Laser Technology for precise surgical procedures

  • Digital Scanners for precise imaging and crown molds 

  • CT Scanner with Panoramic Imaging 

  • Digital Xrays

  • Intra Oral Camera for enhanced view of your teeth

Odyssey Diode Laser


No one usually clamors to go Ȋunder the knifeȋ and we understand that this can be one of the factors that keep our dental phobic patients away. However, sometimes it is necessary for us to remove areas of soft tissue in the mouth, whether it’s due to infection, to create access to perform other procedures, or for other functional and cosmetic purposes.

Traditional methods have always meant steel, pressure and mechanical friction as part of the sensory experience – and there is no question that this can be an effective, and sometimes necessary, way to get the job done. However this technique can also result in excessive bleeding, swelling, and a greater probability of needing post-surgical dressings. And let us not forget the most important factor; patient discomfort!

Through dental innovation and product development, some very clever folks came up with the Odyssey Diode Laser.

The laser is a portable surgical instrument that uses a specific energy wavelength that is proven to demonstrate a high affinity for soft tissue. Like a hot knife to butter, it essentially cuts through, and seals, soft tissue through vaporization in precise areas.

The laser is a compact, self contained unit comprised of a handpiece that is connected to a unit with a control panel. The power settings selected for a specific procedure are determined based on the type of lesion and the vascularity of the soft tissue.

Minimally invasive interventions mean less trauma to surrounding tissue where the simultaneous act of cutting and coagulation results in less bleeding and decreased incidences of post-operative infection.

The Diode laser has a broad range of applications, which includes:

  • tissue retraction – if we need to work on a tooth below the gum line
  • crown lengthening – removing excess gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth so you don’t have the dreaded "Chic-let teeth"
  • gingivectomy – removing gum tissue from around the teeth
  • gingivoplasty – re-shaping the gum tissue around your teeth
  • frenectomies – removing the folds of soft tissue under the tongue or between the two upper front teeth

Digital Scanners for precise imaging and crown molds 3M True Definition Scanner

The 3M™ True Definition Scanner—available in mobile or cart editions—offers unparalleled accuracy, ease of use and affordability for making fast, precise digital dental impressions. Proven to be more accurate and more consistently accurate than other leading intraoral scanners. The 3D-in-motion video technology generates a true replica of your oral anatomy—giving your Dentist more visibility right from the start. Plus, the innovative design ensures fast, comfortable intraoral scanning for greater patient satisfaction.

CT Scanner with Panoramic Imaging RayScan Multi-Use Imaging

The RAYSCAN is a multi-function digital extraoral imaging system with 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), panoramic and cephalometric capabilities. The system's CMOS and Direct Deposition Cesium Iodide (CsI) Detector ensure practitioners can quickly capture high-quality, 16-bit DICOM images at a low radiation dose. To minimize error from patient positioning and movement, the system's focal trough is stabilized and controlled through Adaptive Moving Focus technology. The RAYSCAN exclusive denoising technology enhances image quality by removing noise that would otherwise blur the image.

Digital Dental Radiographs (X-rays) Dexis Platinum

The ability to see subtleties using digital radiography is crucial to diagnosis, collaboration, and patient communication. Through a combination of advanced hardware and software technologies, the DEXIS Platinum sensor is able to deliver clinically meaningful images that are extremely clear and highly detailed. DEXIS hardware and software work in harmony to compensate for radiation variances thus guarding against under and over exposure. That means you are able to get more clinically useable, more consistent images at a wider range of exposure settings. You benefit from a reduction in the number of exposure-related dental x-ray retakes, and your patients benefit from the reduction in radiation.

Patient Benefits:

  • Less waiting time
  • Shorter appointments
  • More comfortable procedure
  • Reduced exposure to radiation
  • Involved in co-diagnosis
  • Better understanding of treatment

Intra Oral Camera for enhanced view of your teeth DocPort I.O. Intraoral Camera DocPort i.o. features a focus-free design for ease of use and crystal clear imaging. Image acquisition is hassle-free via the easy-touch capture button.

Dr. Rai is by far the best dentist I've ever experienced in my dental life. The dental treatment I had done was very extensive however the results are absolutely incredible. I can't stop smiling. I've always had a pleasant experience at Santa Barbara Dental Spa. The office is so relaxing, the staff is friendly and eager to make you feel as comfortable as possible and the technology is top notch. Dr. Rai has a very calm demeanor and you can tell he truly cares about his patients. He's knowledgeable and always openly communicates with me about the agenda for each visit, no surprises. I've referred him to all my co-workers and friends and they always seem to have the same feedback. I am very appreciative of all the services I've received and would continue to recommend him as a dentist!
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We Are Open And Taking Appointments!

By BK Rai in Important Announcements

Due to COVID 19 we have had to make changes in our schedule. Hygiene is Monday's and Wednesday's, for the meantime, any appointment made for routine care, will have to be kept and will handle cancellations on a case by case basis. Cancellations will be held Liable for a cancellation fee. Contact our office about this policy and if you have any questions.

  • All patients will be prescreened before appointment.

  • Call/Text upon arrival, we will meet you at the door when it is ok for you to come in.

  • Shoes will be sanitized at the door.

  • Wear a mask at all times unless advised otherwise.

  • Oxygen levels and/or temperature will be taken upon arrival. 

  • We have designated "Sanitation Stations" throughout the office to be used freely.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Santa Barbara Dental Spa!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Santa Barbara Dental Spa!
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Keep Your Pearly Whites In Check This St. Paddy's Day
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