Happy Father's Day From Santa Barbara Dental Spa

Happy Father's Day From Santa Barbara Dental Spa

By BK Rai in Santa Barbara Dental News

Dear Friends,

Happy Father’s Day from the whole team at the Santa Barbara Dental Spa!

For Father’s Day, we all like to show a little extra appreciation for the men in our lives; perhaps by throwing a large party, having a quiet meal or going on a shopping spree. Whatever you decide to do, be careful not to let your cravings get the better of you and tumble off of that dental hygiene wagon!

At Santa Barbara Dental Spa, we have all of the technology, skills and experience to maintain your oral hygiene in spite of all erosive temptations. This Father’s Day, we want you to be able to have your cake and eat it, without having toothache afterwards or baking a cake that’s completely sugar free. We understand that snacking and sugared drinks are staples of the modern diet, especially so for celebrations like Father’s Day.

However we do want to emphasize that if you only consume in moderation, we can work together to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean, while offering you as relaxing and comfortable an experience as possible.

While we support your voracious appetite for celebrations, we thought we’d throw a few suggestions your way on how to limit the damage!  In the excitement of Father’s Day, don’t forget to follow your basic day-to-day routine:

  • brush your teeth
  • try to floss
  • stock the fridge with healthy foods, to limit snacking

Visit The Dentist

A gentle reminder to always make an effort to go see the dentist. Don’t worry if you’ve eaten unhealthily the past week; the worst thing you can do is put off seeing the dentist because you’re worried they’ll be annoyed with you. We’re always trying to help. Maybe you could even write a reminder in your Father’s Day card as a little jibe at Dad!


Q & A Hotsheet

Q: Where can I find out more about what you offer?
A: The easiest way to find out all about us is to explore our website at http://www.sbdentalspa.com/. There you can find our appointment forms, photo gallery and learn all about the team before committing to a booking. We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions where you should find the answers to most of your queries.

Q: What can you do for me?
A: We are absolute specialists in our field. Whether it’s sizing, creating and fitting your personalized veneers, or using our hi-tech equipment to perform periodontal or root canal therapy, we are completely equipped to handle your dental treatment and have you feeling 100%.

Q: Can you think of any oral hygiene presents I could get for Father’s Day?
A: There are of course lots of options, but a few modern choices would be a Bluetooth toothbrush, a creative toothbrush holder (for when you buy the same color!) or a dental emergency kit, just in case.

Upcoming Events

Other Events In Santa Barbara This Father’s Day

Chefs Cycle Fundraiser for No Kid Hungry: make the most of Father’s Day with a delicious meal at the Finch & Fork and help fund a charity at the same time! Chef James Siao is performing the cycle from Carmel to Santa Barbara to raise money and has put special meals on the menu from which proceeds will go directly to his fundraising.

Free Talk on Transformational Acupuncture: if you’re looking for a more academic experience, you should check out this talk by Elisa as she discusses how the NADA technique works and how it can help you to break harmful habits and more. Maybe she can convince you to eat less of those snacks…

Love, Seduction and an Armenian Grandmother: let’s flip the page entirely and try something new. Love, Seduction and an Armenian Grandmother is a hilarious adventure told through burlesque, hip hop, jazz, funk and Armenian dance. With only 3 performances this June, it’s not to be missed! Visit the website for more details.

Sings Like Hell Presents: Berkley Hart: if you’re a music lover then you won’t want to miss this acoustic duo at the Lobero Theatre on June 18th. Combining two talented musicians for one great performance, this comedic display will have your lungs working as you ingest a pure, harmonic comedy.

Sammy’s wine tours is a great idea for spending quality time with dad this weekend. Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez are home to some of the best wineries in California.

Blush Restaurant + Lounge Downtown: This year why not try something different and have a relaxing and cozy dinner around the fire pits Blush?  Blush is a restaurant and lounge that will be open on until 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Max’s Restaurant: Treat dear old dad to the best breakfast in town! For over 30 years, Max’s Restaurant, located at 3514 State Street, Santa Barbara, in the Upper State St. area, has earned a reputation for the best breakfast in town.

Contact the Santa Barbara Dental Spa with any questions that you may have about cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and oral hygiene. Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Dr. B.K. Rai DDS  + Everyone at Santa Barbara Dental Spa


About Santa Barbara Dental Spa: Located at 2017 Chapala Street A, Dr. B.K. Rai and the entire staff at the Santa Barbara Dental Spa are committed to providing patients with the best oral health care and beautiful smiles. Dr. Rai routinely utilizes the latest high-tech dental technology in a soothing, spa atmosphere to treat patients with bite problems and provide mouth reconstruction including dental crowns, bridge work and cosmetic implants. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-560-9999 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

I've been seeing Hayley, the dental hygienist for over a year and she has always been fantastic - gentle and sensitive to my teeth cleaning needs! Last week I was in excruciating pain over a wisdom tooth and they were able to get me in for an evaluation later in the day. Dr. Rai was also exceptionally gentle with my aching tooth, and they were able to schedule me for an extraction just three days later. Pretty happy now, if you ask me! Update- I've now had my wisdom teeth removed, and I have to say it was a rather pleasant experience. I was incredibly nervous and Dr. Rai and his dental assistants really took care of me - from making sure my feet weren't cold to explaining what he was doing along the way. The three hours passed really quickly! The evening after my extractions, Dr. Rai personally called me to check in, see how I was feeling and ask if I had any questions for him. I really feel I've been well taken care of.
Christina Alexandra E. - Santa Barbara, CA